Which row(s) should I export from database to copy the menu to another WP (+3)

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    Hello from sunny germany,

    which row(s) should I export from my database to copy my menu to another wordpress installation?
    I’m using a complex structure and if I change it in the first wordpress, then this should be work in the other installation…

    b) Perhaps you are able to generate a exportfunction
    … (similar to the look & feel of “TinyMCE Advanced”) in a next Update? There you can export a string of characters…. and import them into a other / new installation.
    This would also be fine because a technique which is learned in one plugin can be recycled in another plugin. Nice for users! 😉 No extra learning nessecary.

    I hope that you are able to “fix” this problem.

    c) I have a problem while sorting a very large menu tree
    The boxes are “very” large and my monitor is 900 px high. If I move a very new item from the bottom to the top … I have to work hard.

    Is there a possibility:
    i) to generate a zoom?
    ii) shrink the boxes while sorting? (one line high and “no” padding)
    iii) generate a second / third / forth column like in the real menu? Not all boxes in one long row?

    d) Oh! A latecomer …
    I use ONLY “individual Links” (like bookmarks)
    I also looked for additional Options AND switched on ALL options! (“Screen Options” at the very top of the wordpress page)

    The problem:
    – MOST links will open their target in the same window of my browser. (like in the checkbox!)
    – Sometimes the target will be opened in a new tab.

    BUT: ALL links are WITHOUT the option: “open in a new tab” (all checkboxes are empty! and your default is also empty)

    Do you know this problem? Do you know a solution?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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