Twitterize – A Twitter like free wordpress theme

Twitter is a very popular micro-blogging  service and I always admire their website design. That’s very simple and beautiful. So I decided to develop a simple twitter like theme to all WordPress bloggers and twitter fans around the world.

Twitterize is a free 2 column Twitter style WordPress Theme. It looks very similar to from the front end and offering Admin options at the back end. With theme options in the admin menu you don’t need to edit .php files manually to do basic theme adjustments.
twitter like wordpress theme

Main features of the theme:

  • Simple and beautiful web typefaces in use.
  • 2 columns of fixed width.
  • Widget Ready.
  • Fast loading structure
  • Social icons integrated
  • Admin options page to adjust theme settings
  • Twitter and RSS button pre-installed
  • Well-commented CSS and theme PHP files for flexible customization.
  • Multi-browser compatibility. Tested under modern w3c compliant browsers. Firefox , Safari and Chrome.
  • Free of cost

Admin page screenshot:

wordpress theme admin-options

What can I adjust from Admin Theme Options?

  • You can set your Twitter, Facebook and Myspace usernames.
  • You can upload any image as header logo.
  • You can upload any image as background image, also adjust it’s position and change the background color


  • Extract the file in a convenient location
  • upload the ‘twitterize’ folder to ‘/wp-content/themes/’ directory in your web server.
  • Log in to the WordPress Administration Dashboard
  • Select the ‘Themes’ sub-menu from ‘Appearance’ menu
  • Select the Twitterize theme from the available list of themes to preview
  • Activate the theme.

Where are Admin Theme Options?

  • Sign in to your Admin Dashboard.
  • Under Appearance tab click on “Twitterize settings” menu.

Can I Edit Logo?

  • Open ‘logo’ folder located in ‘’ file
  • Copy ‘twitteru.ttf’ to your operating system’s fonts folder .
  • Open ‘logo.psd’ and edit as you like.

If you have any feedback, bug reports, feature requests comment below. Enjoy 🙂