How to: Transform Windows 7 to new Mac OSX Lion

Everybody even Bill Gates, like Apple’s products, iPhone, iMac, iPad etc. This year Apple released their new Mac OSX version 10.7 called Lion. Among the new features, including a Mac App Store for OS X , the Launchpad, inspired features on the iPad, screen applications, bars hidden self, Mission Control, among others. Everybody know that, the Mac OS(operating Systems) is a main competitor to Windows Operating Systems.

Microsoft’s Windows 7 is a quickly growing and very popular operating system with its customizable features and appealing looks. The Mac’s so expensive, so common people like me, can’t buy it. But don’t worry, we can transform our Windows 7 to Mac OSX Lion.

How to transform Windows 7 to new Mac OSX Lion

There are plenty of transformation pack available on internet to download. But I suggest these two transformation packs for you.

Custopack Mac OSX Lion Inspirat..

Just download Custopack Mac OSX Lion Inspirat and install it.  This transformation pack only runs in Windows 7 operating systems.

Lion Skin Pack 6.0

If you like to install this transformation pack, as I told just download Lion Skin Pack 6.0 and install it. you don’t need to change any modification on your Windows 7 operating system. This transformation pack mainly for Windows 7 operating systems but it also runs Windows XP and Vista.

So try out now ,surprise your friends. Have fun 🙂

Disclaimer: We never encourage people to use transformation packs, because transformation pack are unstable. Use it at your own risk. Before installing this transformation pack create a restore point, because you may not like the look and feel after the installation, so you can revert back to old look. We are not responsible if your system crashed while using this transformation pack.