How to: Remove the WordPress Screen Options Tab

We used to see a Screen Options Tab, located in the upper right corner of your WordPress Dashboard. What is its use?. It can be used to show/hide columns on the your blog’s particular Administration page.

When you click on Screen Options Tab, it will drop down an area with a list of the different things you can show or hide. Uncheck a box to hide something and check it again to show it. You can read more about Screen Options Tab from WP Codex.

Some WP bloggers (including me) like this feature, but some don’t. Do you like this feature?. Anyway, it’s my pleasure to share a simple script to remove the WordPress Screen Options Tab.

To remove the WordPress Screen Options Tab, open your current theme’s functions.php file copy & paste this script and save the functions.php file. Now go to your WordPress Admin dashboard, Wow that’s gone!.

// hide 'Screen Options' tab
 function remove_screen_options(){ return false;}
 add_filter('screen_options_show_screen', 'remove_screen_options');

This script was successfully tested in WordPress 3.2.1. Happy blogging 🙂