How to Get Rid of Facebook Timeline

How to Get Rid of Facebook Timeline

A few months ago, Facebook has changed its layout design called Timeline. Some people liked this design but some didn’t. According to sources, some users quit Facebook because of this design. Personally, I really like the Timeline design. Do you like Facebook’s new Timeline? If you’re not like Timeline, you can also change back to its old design. Facebook does not allow users to revert back to the old profile style, then how it’s possible?.

Timeline Remove

There are lot of extensions/add-ons/browser plugins available on the internet to revert your Facebook profile design. But here we discuss the Timeline Remove extension.


This is a very simple extension. If you’re using Google Chrome browser you can download this extension either from the official Timeline Remove website. Just download and install this extension, restart your Chrome browser then go to your Facebook profile. Now you can see the differences.

You can also download Firefox and Internet Explorer extensions from the official Timeline Remove website. Note that, this extension only block it from showing up on your browser. Other people can still see your Timeline. There’s no way to get rid of it completely, If you’re a Timeline hater, check out this extension now and write a review below.