How To: Get new Google Bar

How To: Get new Google Bar

A few days ago Google announced its brand new navigation bar called Google Bar. Some users are reporting the update is now present on their browsers. Today I found an interesting and easy hack that will give you a first look at the redesign. By downloading an extension for your Google Chrome browser and changing a bit of code you can change the old navigation bar forever.

If you want to change the old black navigation bar across the top of Google products? Follow the easy step-by-step tutorial below, and you'll get to see the brand-new Google user interface.

Step1: Download Chrome Extension

Get the “Edit This Cookie” Chrome Extension from Chrome Web Store and install it.


Step2: Open

Open on your browser. on page, Right-click, then select Edit Cookies menu item.


Step3: Change Value

On the cookie edit page, click PREF, then select the “value” box by double-clicking, the background will turn blue then copy and paste this code into the “Value” box.


Save changes by clicking the “Submit Cookie Change” button at the bottom of the page and restart your browser.

That’s it. After restarting your Chrome browser, open again now can see a new Google user interface!. Here I’d like to thank Maximilian Majewski for his beautiful hack.