How to: Download YouTube videos as mp3 audio

How to: Download YouTube videos as mp3 audio

YouTube is the most popular website that connects millions of people to share videos and music. You can find a wide range of videos on YouTube. Bands and amateur musicians upload their songs to YouTube every day. The YouTube files are called .flv, which contains video, audio, or both. To save them as mp3 files, you have to strip the audio from the particular video. But YouTube does not allow users to download or strip songs directly.

So how to save YouTube files as MP3?. Converting a file from YouTube to an MP3 file is not as difficult as some might think. If you ever wanted to get your favorite music off YouTube, all you need is a little patience and follow these steps.

Step 1:

Open a web browser and go to “” to download Vixy Freecorder converter. Vixy Freecorder adds a powerful video downloader, audio recorder, and media file converter right inside your browser. Download the converter and install it. This application is totally free of cost.

Step 2:

Now watch this video to know, how Vixy Freecorder makes it easy to download videos, record MP3 audio, and convert to all the popular formats

Features of Vixy Freecorder

  1. 100% Free of cost.
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  4. Record Audio from ANY site to MP3.
  5. Convenient- Save Videos from inside your Browser.
  6. Customizable- Add thousands of bonus apps to Freecorder.

Using Vixy Freecorder you can download videos from not only YouTube but also from other video sharing websites like Vimeo, Daily Motion, Metacafe, and Facebook!.