How To Change Gmail’s New Icon-Based Toolbar Buttons Back to Text

Few month ago, Gmail has changed its design. In its new design they put icons on the new toolbar buttons, instead of text. Some people liked the new icon buttons. Others found words easier to distinguish. Sometimes, it also annoys me a lot.

After lots of feedbacks, Google has finally fixed this issue. If you want the old text buttons back, please follow the following easy steps.

  1. gmail-sign-in

    Login to your Gmail account.

  2. gmail-settings

    Click on the “Gear” icon on right side,to open Settings menu, and click the settings link.

  3. change-gmail-button-label

    Find “Button labels:” option under the General tab and select option “Text” then save the settings by clicking “Save changes” button under the settings page.


That’s it. Go back to the inbox to see the new text buttons. You can also switch to the new icon version whenever you want.