How to: Add Voice Search to Your Blog

How to: Add Voice Search to Your Blog

You may have noticed a “mic” symbol in the search box on If you click the mic and speak, what you said will come in the box and you can search that. It makes the searching process easier. What is this thing?.

A few months ago, Google added a new feature to its search engine known as Voice Search. By this feature, you can now search Google by saying your search term instead of typing your search queries in its search box. You can speak, what you want to search and Google will get it in the search box and you can then search it, the search is automatically done which gives your hands a little relief. Find out more about Google Voice Search here.

If you’re using the Chrome browser, you can see the mic symbol in the search box on this website. You can also add the voice search feature into your own blogs/websites. It is very simple. Just add x-webkit-speech property into the search box field(<input>). Now can see the mic symbol in your search box. But after saying the search term, it would not submit automatically. So we need some changes in our search script

Just copy the code below and add it to your blog’s search form. It's that simple?.

<input name="q" required="required" type="search" value="" placeholder="Search" x-webkit-speech />

You can check out the demo of this feature on or this website. I think this feature works only in Google Chrome browser. I’m sure this feature will make searching for easier for you so you should definitely try it.

Happy searching 😉