How to: Add Shortcut Links to the WordPress Toolbar/ Adminbar

WordPress is an excellent blogging platform I ever used. It’s so easy to customize its admin and user section. WordPress has introduced a new feature, “Admin bar” in WordPress 3.1. From WorPress 3.3 version, we can customize the adminbar too. Today, I’m going to show how you can add custom links to WordPress toolbar/adminbar

Two weeks ago, we have introduced a new WordPress plugin, Custom Adminbar Menus. By this plugin, you can set your any custom navigation menus to your WordPress Adminbar/Toolbar. All you have to do is install the latest version of Custom Adminbar Menus plugin, create your navigation menus and add it to your the WordPress adminbar. Please watch this video on right side, to know how to use Custom Adminbar Menus plugin on your WordPress if you are WordPress beginner.

This feature also added into our latest version of Blue Admin plugin too. If you are using Blue Admin plugin, you don’t have to install this plugin. Link adding process are same as the Custom Adminbar Menus plugin.

Please note this: This feature is only compatible with WordPress 3.3 or above versions. Please update your WordPress application if you’re using an old version.