How to: Add Google’s +1 Button to your sites

We used to see some button on web pages like “Tweet this”,”Share this”,”Like” etc. Those button are very helpful to share the content on that web page easily. Like Twitter, Facebook, Digg and other social networking or social bookmarking websites providing their own content sharing buttons for everyone. Blog or website owners can easily place those buttons in their sites. So their users can share the content and earn more trffic to their sites or blogs.

Google rolled out their bookmarking button named “+1” this month. Do you know how to add the Google +1 button to your blog?. No!. Don’t worry in this post I’ll explain how to add Google’s +1 button to your sites.

With the simple 3 steps you’ll know how to add Google’s +1 button to your sites.

Step 1 – Calling Javascript file

Add this Javascript link between the <head> </head> tag.
{code type=html}{/code}

Step2 – Adding button

Place this code block where you want the button and individual icons to appear in your site.
{code type=html}{/code}

Step 3 – Customizing the button

Customizing the button is very easy.

If you want to change the button size, you can use these values “small, medium, standard, tall” for the “size” attribute. If you want a small button, simply change thesize attribute value like this size=”small”

If you want show the count of sharing, please change the count attribute value like this count=”true” otherwise please change the value to “false”.

You can see the “href” attribute the button code block please provide current page url here like this href=””.

Now you are finished. You can read more about Adding the +1 button to your site here and also you can watch this short video:

Happy sharing 🙂