How to: add Google Talk to your blog.

How to: add Google Talk to your blog.

Enabling live chat feature on your blog or website is very helpful to increase your online business dramatically. With the live chat, you can convert your visitors into costumers by solving their doubts about your products instantly. There are a lot of chat tools available on the internet. Most of them are premium services. But no need to worry. The internet legend Google providing this service for free!. Then how to add the live chat on your blog?.

Adding Google Talk to your blog.

Google Talk is a great tool for getting chat support added to your website or blog in a matter of minutes. You must have a Google account in order to create a live chat tool for your blog. The visitor doesn’t have to have a Google account themselves to chat with you. If users not signed into their Google accounts, they will appear as unidentified users. To create a chat badge to your blog or website follow the simple steps.

  1. Create a Google Talk chat back badge.

    Click this link to create your own Chatback Badge. You can edit the chat-style, whether or not it shows your recent status and the name that appears to your visitors.

  2. Adding the code.

    Copy your Google Talk Chatback Badge code and paste it into your blog/website

  3. Testing the chat window.

    Make sure that you're signed in to your Google account before testing the chat window. Click on the chat link to launch the window.

If you get the message through Google Talk, then you'll know it's working. You're finished!. Just copying and pasting that code is all you need to do to make yourself instantly available to your visitors.

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