How to: Add Google+ profile button to your site

We used to display our Facebook, Twitter, Digg and other social network service’s icons on our website or blog to easily connect our visitors with us. once they connected, they can easily find our latest blog post updates, when we share our blog post updates on our profile. Google+(Google Plus) is a new social networking service form Google. Do you like to add your Google+ profile page link to your website or blog?.

How to add Google+ profile button to your site or blog?

If you like to add your Google+ profile link to your website/blog, you have to follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Find your Google+ Profile ID

If you are a registered Google+ member, you can find your Google+ ID by clicking on your profile link and copy the long number from the URL from your browser’s address bar.


Step 2: Generate your profile button

To generate your profile button please go to Google’s profile button generator page and paste your profile ID like shown in picture below. You can choose for the link to go to the author page or the content page, which are described in detail in the relevant Google help article. Select your button size and your code will automatically be generated for you.


Now, copy your generated code from the fourth field and paste it in your site and publish it. That’s it. You are done.!!!