Download Every Default Ubuntu Wallpaper from Warty to Yakkety

Download Every Default Ubuntu Wallpaper from Warty to Yakkety

Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft

Edgy Eft's default wallpaper of Ubuntu 6.10 shows clear influence from the then-default Mac OS X 10.4 wallpaper ‘Aqua‘. The light skin tones worked well here and made for a calm amiable looking desktop.

ubuntu-6-10 Ubuntu Wallpaper

Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn

It has been remarked on occasion that the Ubuntu 7.04 wallpaper resembled nothing other than a patch of bruised skin! I'm not sure I'd be quite as harsh in critiquing it, but whatever the aim was with this wallpaper it was lost in translation
ubuntu-7-04 Ubuntu Wallpaper

Ubuntu 7.10 ‘Gutsy Gibbon'

Having reverted to fleshy tones in its last two releases, Ubuntu 7.10 saw the return of the Dapper-era's rich brown. This choice again echoed the well-worn design lines of OS X's iconic Aqua wallpaper but, to its credit, was distinctive enough in color choice to feel ‘Ubuntu'.

ubuntu-7-10 Ubuntu Wallpaper

Ubuntu 8.04 ‘Hardy Heron

Hardy's wallpaper is widely regarded by many to be the best default wallpaper so far. It's easy to see parallels between the look of the wallpaper and the changes occurring in the OS itself at that time: there was an emboldened sense of identity amongst users, and Ubuntu felt assertive enough in its aims to stand up tall and do things it’s the way.

ubuntu-8-04 Ubuntu Wallpaper

Ubuntu 8.10 ‘Intrepid Ibex'

Playing to the success of Hardy's wallpaper, the Intrepid Ibex also featured its titular mascot in the abstract style.  The result was not as popular as its predecessor but the emblematic design still stamped personality onto the millions of Ubuntu desktops worldwide. There were, as always, complaints. These mainly centered around the image resembled a coffee stain/splash rather than an Ibex – one which isn't hard to see.

ubuntu-8-10 Ubuntu Wallpaper