Code:Deck – A deck of playing cards to keep programming languages in mind

Code:Deck is an amazing deck of playing cards with sporting a stylish modern design, that pays tribute to the different programming languages!  These cards are designed by Varianto:25 and you can purchase Code:Deck for $10.  Each individual card features a code snippet describing it in a different programming language include Assembly, Bash, C++, Brainfuck, Python, Objective, – C#, Java, PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and SQL.

The cards are made of chrome matte paper with double-sided UV polish. This deck of playing cards is for all programmers, geeks, and code lovers, who can play with their knowledge through small snippets describing the different cards.

1-code-deck 3-code-deck 4-code-deck 8-code-deck 12-code-deck