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Implement placeholders in older Internet Explorer and other browsers with jQuery

Back in 2008, along with new tags HTML5 has introduced a very useful attribute, Placeholder, for input elements, but it was only supported in Internet Explorer 10 and other modern web browsers like Chrome, Firefox an etc. . There are still a number of people out there using Internet Explorer with version…

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Introducing Canary – A Free Responsive WordPress Theme

Canary is a  beautiful free WordPress theme with clean and clear layout, blog-focused and straightforward typography that’s readable on a wide variety of screen sizes, and suitable for multiple languages. Canary brings your site to life with header video and immersive featured images. Canary features widgets, custom navigation, social menus,…

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Recent Projects

Compact MCE

A simple plugin that reorganize your WordPress editor TinyMCE controls. We removed WordPress’s default editor useless controls and added more useful controls. Removed Controls Spell checker Distraction Free Writing New Controls Style select Table Code sample (to add <pre> formated codes) Visual blocks Search & replace Full screen Text background…

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Custom Adminbar Menus

This is a simple plugin for adding custom nav menus to your WordPress Adminbar/Toolbar. Please note this: Custom Adminbar Menus plugin is only compatible for WordPress 3.3 or above versions. Features WordPress Multisite Compatible. More WordPress admin menus shortcut links under “Site Menu” & “Add New” section in Adminbar. Easy…

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Blue Admin

Blue Admin a simple, clean and clear WordPress Admin Panel theme plugin.  This is a clean and clear design that makes your WordPress administration section more clear and relaxed. Features: Clean and clear admin design. 18 color schemes. WordPress Login page customization. Watch Video. WordPress Multi-site compatibility. Watch Video. Custom navigation menus to…

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